HealthPro® 250

Product Description

The Powerful Allergy and Asthma Specialist

The HealthPro 250 is IQAir’s best selling room air purifier. It combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove a great variety of particulate and molecular air pollutants. Due to its wide effectiveness range it is equally well suited for health conscious individuals as those suffering from respiratory conditions.
The molecular effectiveness makes this device also suitable for asthma sufferers, as asthma is often triggered by chemical irritants, as well as allergens.
Applications Include

Allergen control
• mould spores
• Pet dander (cat, dog, etc.)
• House dust mite allergens
• Pollen
Molecular control
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
• Formaldeyde
Complex air pollution issues
• General indoor air pollution
• Moderate tobacco smoke
• Wild-fire smoke and haze
• Smog and industrial pollution

Microorganism control
• Bacteria
• Viruses

Odour control
• Pets
• Musty smells
• Cooking odours
• Paint odours

Featured Filter Technology

1.Micro-particle filtration
Eliminates micro-particles such as pollen, pet dander and mould spores.
2.Granular activated carbon adsorption
Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are responsible for odours.
3.Pelletized chemisorption
Destroys harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, by an oxidation process inside a chemically active alumina pellet.
4.HyperHEPA® filtration
Eliminates bacteria, viruses and combustion particles from vehicles and smoke, through a nano-fiber structure.


Superior long-term performance and low cost operation
• Extra long filter life due to large capacity
• Lower running costs due to fewer filter changes.
• Low electricity consumption due to capacitor switching.
• Individual filter stages. Allows replacement of exactly those filters which are used up.

Exceptional control features
• Automatic timer allows programming to suit the user’s individual needs (e.g. night time or office hours only).
• Intelligent filter life monitor calculates when it is time to replace filters, taking actual use and actual fan speed and preset pollution levels into account.
• LEDs on the control panel signal which filters need replacement.
• Selection of 6 fan speed settings with top air delivery of 350 m3/hour (with all filters installed).
• Remote control and mobility pro casters.
Top quality
• 3 year warranty
• Tough ABS housing construction (out-gassed)
• Powerful centrifugal fan certified for non-stop use –Free- flow rate: 1200 m3/hour
• Patented housing design
• Patented filter design
• 100% Swiss made

Powerful performance
The world’s only domestic air cleaner that has a HEPA filters which is classified in accordance with EN1822. EN1822 is Europe’s most stringent filter test standard for hospital and cleanroom filters.

The world’s only domestic air cleaner which is individually tested and certified. Each IQAir healthpro 250 is supplied with its own hand-written certificate detailing the model’s test results.
Test winner of independent German consumer product test.
o The only air cleaner to receive the top mark “ very good” for the filter of part. (eg. Allergens, viruses, bacteria).
o Twice the particle removal rate than the next best air cleaner.
o Over 30% more air delivery than next best air cleaner.
o Recommended as best air cleaner for allergy sufferers.
Only uses effective and approved filtration technologies (absolutely no ozone generation)
o PreMaxtm MG- this combination pre- and gas-filter element features a pre-filter surface of 1.9 m2 (class F8) and 1.0 kg of multiGastm granular dual-media that removes a wide-spectrum of chemicals, gasses and odours.
o HyperHEPA – filer features a filter surface of 5.0 m2 of hospital grade HEPA filter media (class H12/13).
o V5- Celltm- gas & odour filter feat. 2.5 kg of gran. Dual-media that removes a wide-spectra of chemical and gases.

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