GC Series

Product Description

Compact Particulate, Chemical and Odor Control

The GC Series is the world’s most effective compact room air purifier for the control of gaseous chemicals. Just like a professional gas mask, the GC Series relies on an interchangeable cartridge design for optimized gaseous pollutant control. And while molecular control is a particular strength of these systems, the GC Series also offers excellent filtration efficiency for particles.

Thanks to its selectable cartridges, the IQAir GC series is able to meet almost any moderate gas phase removal need in residential or commercial environments. Currently there are four specialized gas phase media configurations available:

(for control of volatile organic compounds, solvents, etc.)
• GC MultiGas
(for control of wide range of gaseous organic and inorganic chemicals)
• GC ChemiSorber
(for control of formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, etc.)
for control of ammonia and ammonia compounds)

In applications with higher concentrations or where longer filter life is desired GCX Series units should be considered.


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