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On-Site Air Quality Evaluations

Every building offers its unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to indoor air quality. The first step in evaluating the existing air quality and opportunities for improvement is an on-site evaluation. This typically will involve a thorough building walkthrough, spot measurements of relevant air quality indicators, and inspections of air handlers and air distribution systems. Once the evaluation is completed, a written report details opportunities to improve indoor air quality and provides an implementation estimate.

IQAir Air Quality Specialists are also trained and experienced in working with facilities and maintenance personnel to fully train them on any necessary maintenance procedures that may be required after air-filtration technology installation.

Installation Services

IQAir offers installation services for stand-alone and HVAC-based clean air technology solutions. Since IQAir conducts hundreds of commercial installations every year, our installation teams are able to provide efficient installation planning and execution in a wide range of environments.

Air Quality Verification and Monitoring

After clean air solutions have been installed, IQAir offers air quality verification according to customer specifications to ensure that air quality goals have been attained. When desired, we also provide long-term monitoring to ensure continued compliance. The air quality monitoring technologies can be monitored either onsite or by the IQAir team using remote Web-based access.

Customized Clean Air Solutions

Sometimes, applications and air quality requirements call for highly customized engineering solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers has decades of experience in providing solutions to some of the toughest air quality challenges.

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