The Key to High-Performance Air Cleaning

Innovative Installation Systems for Tile and Stone


Having the interest to introduce high quality solutions for day to day situations by providing an easy, quick and economical results for individuals, governments and large companies, hence improving and raising standards in all sectors of the human condition and cooperate efficiency, brought forth the launch of the company, GERMAN INNOVATION CENTER, in October 2011.

The focus is to bridge the gap of the currently used technology in the region and the newly innovated European technology available with precise and high outputs. In the continual quest for quality, we defined and set standards with innovative ideas and intelligent use of resources.
We have partnered with world class companies to deliver exclusive technological solutions. We have pioneered the use of advanced construction systems – Schluter Systems, with the latest technology, that enables project completion in short spans with dust free and perfect finishing. This being just one of the many steps that moving passed on a journey to success.

National influence is our first setup to achieving on out of our many goals , global influence is the second scale. The management and staff are working as a team putting in our best efforts to bring forth outstanding results and to further associate ourselves with other top organizations around the world to be a company with high priority products in the GCC.